Can we have a wedding rehearsal onsite?

Yes, we offer a complimentary 1 hour wedding ceremony rehearsal which should be scheduled with the staff in advance.  No food or beverages may be served during the rehearsal time.

Can we have a wedding ceremony on the lawn or Bishop's Garden?

Yes, there is no extra charge for the use of the space however we offer white ceremony chairs that we can set up on the lawn or in the Bishop’s Garden for a modest fee.

Do we need a marriage license to get married at Historic Oakland?

Yes, if you are having your wedding ceremony onsite and officially getting married you are required to obtain in advance a Howard County marriage license.

Marriage licenses can be obtained at The Thomas Dorsey Building, 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia, Maryland 21045. The telephone number is 410-313-5850. Applications for marriage licenses are not accepted after 4:00 p.m. The application process takes about 15 minutes.

If you are not a resident of Howard County, AND it is not convenient for you to visit the Clerk’s Office, you may apply for a marriage license using a Non-Resident Application. If you come to the Clerk’s Office, then the marriage application must be completed on-site at the Clerk’s Office.


Will you supply coffee and tea?

Yes, a full tea and coffee service is available for an additional charge of $4/person.

Will you supply meals?

Yes, we can work with a variety of caterers to handle all your food and beverage needs.

The Building

Are you sure 180 people can fit in this space?

Our max capacity is 180 guests for this building, but that will include more than one room. We can provide an average set up of the amount of people to tables and chairs, but it is up to you to ultimately determine what is most comfortable for your guests. We have some sample floorplans listed on the Weddings or Meetings pages. Please keep in mind, when seated on the veranda that the doors swing outwards and you may not want to place guests directly behind them.

How is the pricing determined?

The price depends on the day and times you are using the manor house. The price includes the rental of the manor house, the set up and break down of tables/chairs inside of the house, the veranda and on-site hospitality staff. The client needs to supply/bring in everything else including their own decor. The tent is a separate cost payable directly to Elite Tents & Events. The rental price includes the building itself as well as the front lawn, the Bishop’s Garden and the back lawn (sans the tent). Pricing sheets for Social Events and Meetings.  

Can my dog come into the manor for my wedding and reception?

Your beloved family dog is welcome on the grounds (on leash) but is not permitted inside the manor house.

How many cars can your parking lot accommodate?

We have abundant free parking for all of our guests. This includes 98 parking spaces immediately in front of the manor house.


Is the tent included in the price of the building?

The tent is NOT included in the price. It is through a third party vendor; Elite Tents & Events.

Is Air Conditioning provided during the hot summer months in the tent?

Both A/C and fans can be rented from Elite Tents & Events for the tent.

Does the tent price include tables, chairs, décor etc…?

The tent includes a beautiful liner,  perimeter and up-lighting.  When you speak to our tent vendor they will let you know the cost for particular setup items you would like including a variety of tables and chairs. Depending on what rental choices you make prices may vary. Oakland’s tables and chairs must stay inside the manor so under the tent all tables and chairs must be procured through our exclusive tent vendor: Elite Tents

Set Up

Can we come in early to set up?

You would want to speak with the facility manager ahead of time in regards to this. If there is a rental before yours, there will not be any time before hand as we are doing changeovers. If there is not, you can request an additional hour or so for an additional fee. If you do not have approval, and come early the day of, chances are you will not be able to get in early as we will not have staff here in time or we could possibly have the setup taking place. Please factor in the time for prep according to your contracted time.

Can I use Oakland's banquet tables and chairs on the Veranda?

The Veranda is considered part of the manor house, so you are welcome to use Oakland’s tables and chairs on it.

Types of Events

Can we have a sweet sixteen party for our child?

Yes and there is a Children, Teen & Young Adult Celebration addendum which must be signed and adhered to accompanying our contract.


Can I supply my own alcohol?

Yes, you can save money by purchasing alcohol directly from your preferred liquor store.  Many vendors will offer delivery and are often willing to buy back any unopened cases.  If you are selling tickets to attend your meeting or event and serving alcohol then you are required to obtain a one day liquor license from Howard County. 

Does a client who is having a self catered event have to hire a certified bartender?

No, unless it is a party specifically for children under 21 whereby then we require you to provide a certified bartender (Please see the Children, Teen & Young Adult Celebration Addendum).