Dear Maylyn,
We celebrated my husband’s life with a gallery show of his art at Historic Oakland Manor. Jim was a fine art photographer and furniture designer. Historic Oakland was the perfect location to show his work. The rooms are open and cheerful with beautiful daylight that emphasized the beauty and uniqueness of his photographs. We were also able to bring some small pieces of his furniture as well as a photo album of his larger work which we set up on tables around the rooms in the Manor. The openness of the rooms made it easy for people to move around as they looked at his art. We also set up a video of Jim photography on the back wall. It was the perfect setting. The rooms were decorated with Fall plants and food was set up on the balcony. There couldn’t have been a better location to show Jim’s work.  Historic Oakland is an ideal location for a gallery show. I’m so happy that we were able to celebrate Jim at such a beautiful and historic home. It was truly memorable.

Thank you and the staff at Oakland for making our celebration of Jim’s life so memorable.

With warm regards,