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Are Weddings Your Guilty Pleasure?

Weddings have changed through the years, and much of this change has been inspired by technology. While digital photos were once hailed as a cutting edge technology for photogs, today they are the norm. As the digital age edges more into our lives, it also begins to form the way we capture and commemorate major milestones like weddings.


Social media is a huge part of the way most of us chronicle our lives. We share photos, videos, updates and tag friends in even snapshots. This digital social realm enables couples to extend virtual invites to  long-distance loved ones. Even though these friends might not be able to make the plane trip to the wedding, they can view the wedding photos, watch the ceremony unfold before their eyes or just check out the online wedding registries.


Technology advances our lives and elevates the wedding day. While, yes, too much tech can be wedding-day overkill, integrating some aspects of the digital world is a matrimonial must.

Hidden Pictures

Small handheld cameras can be tucked into bouquets to capture the walk down the aisle. Go-Pro gives couples a unique vantage point that traditional wedding videography might be unable to capture. Just remember to turn it off after the ceremony!

3D Printing

Printing technology has evolved beyond dot matrix and lasers. Now couples can print in 3D! And 3D printing allows for insane creativity for cake toppers, wedding favors and wedding ring design. Yes, even the wedding gown can be printed!


Every couple should create a wedding hashtag so that pictures and videos can all be grouped online. Think of a fun and unique hashtag that rhymes or plays on your names, then share your hashtag on invites, social media and other announcements and encourage guests to use it to tag photos!

Livestream the Ceremony

For friends and family who cannot make your event, consider hosting a livestream of the ceremony. There are professionals who can help you out or just do it yourself. If you embark on a DIY livestream, just make sure to prepare for tech troubleshooting.

Silent Disco

Want to party all night without all the noise? Host a silent disco that keeps the party going until sunrise! A silent disco requires guests to wear headphones to hear the dance music, and it allows other guests to mingle without the noise! The best part, though? Guests can change their tune if they don’t like a beat!


While some tech additions—like social media—are low-cost or free, silent discos, livestreaming services and 3D printing can add to a wedding’s price tag. Embrace technology at your wedding, but also consider the costs of each service. While, yes, hosting a silent disco is a unique addition to the typical DJ/band reception, you should always investigate vendors and compare prices. Before embracing the allure of the tech evolution, map out your budget and find out where you can splurge on tech upgrades. For more ways to host a tech-savvy wedding, check out the ‘Wedding of the Future’ infographic!


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