Unforeseen Wedding Costs

Wedding Costs Bride’s Forget to Budget For

The wedding budget checklist below is for you to take into consideration expenses that may have been overlooked in the initial planning of the main event.

Proposing to Your Bridal Party

 It’s time to make it official! You’re engaged and you’re ready to ask your “girl gang” to stand by you for one of the biggest moments in your life. After having them by your side through thick and thin, your ladies deserve to be wooed. Find something special that matches your relationship, and their personalities.

There are cute ways to ask your loved ones to be in your bridal party. Some brides put together a goodie box, with face-masks, small perfumes, and a card popping “the question.”

Other Options Are

  1. Custom Wine Labels – Get your gals their favorite bottle of vino with adorable labels made for asking bridesmaids.
  2. A small item of jewelry – Wrapped around a card that asks, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”
  3. A scented candle – Who doesn’t love a mason jar of a delicious smelling organic candle?


Feeding Your Bridesmaids

Most brides are so preoccupied making sure their wedding day goes off without a hitch, they forget to eat! Getting ready usually takes many hours. Even if the bride is too nervous to eat, their bridesmaids are likely on a scavenger hunt to devour hotel pillow mints.

The best thing? Plan ahead. If you’re trying to save some money, have a cooking party the day before. Put together a picnic or potluck where everyone has a dish to pass. This saves you from restaurant delivery fees, and overpriced room service.

Hair & Makeup Trials

Before your big day, be particular with the details. It’s recommended to never try something new. If you’re getting your hair colored before the big day, have your color and the colorist picked out months in advance. This is no time to experiment or switch salons without serious research and trials.

Getting your hair styled is another expense that brides may not think about. The total costs of making appointments for trials can cost hundreds. Take time to plan out any factors that go into making your hair “wedding day ready.” Don’t forget to factor in the cost of shiny locks. Include deep conditioning or hair gloss treatments. Spare no expenses to make sure you’re looking, and feeling your best.

Welcome Bags & Hotel Fees

Since many wedding guests come in from out of town, arrange for guests to stay in hotels for the duration of the trip. Rooms cost a few thousand dollars, depending on how many guests you make accommodations for. Plan for these costs in the beginning of your budget process. Then you can make adjustments in other areas if necessary. An easy way to get a discount on such a big expense is to look into opening a hotel rewards credit card to earn free nights. Putting the expense on any travel reward credit cards may allow you to receive a large sign-up bonus. The points can earn you a discount on your honeymoon.

Once guests begin to show up, it’s a courteous gesture to have a welcome bag that’s waiting for them upon their arrival. Such as water bottles, granola bars, a package of tissues, and the wedding itinerary. All are necessities they’ll thank you for later.

Guest Transportation

It’s becoming a popular safety measure for the bride and groom to arrange for guests’ transportation. This ensures guests arrive on time, and enjoy cocktail hour without worry about getting back to the hotel.

Budgeting this into your initial cost of the wedding will better prepare you. It will also allow you to be more relaxed when the special day finally arrives!

Final Thoughts

Having an emergency fund set aside for the unforeseen details is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress when planning your wedding. For any emergency fund, come up with a number based off you and your loved one’s last few months of spending. Take a few hours to review each month to see what expenses you can cut out. Set aside a few hundred dollars from each paycheck to put away for your fund.

The best case scenario is to plan well ahead. Spend less than expect and have some extra spending money for your honeymoon. If you’re lucky you’ll even have enough to put down on your first house as a married couple!

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