Husband & Husband

I now pronounce you

Or wife and wife or…whatever it is your married couple decides to identify as, you go with that. I’ll assume you know where this is going. Your assumption is correct! Let’s chat on ways we can be inclusive of our LGBTQ clients.


Lets start by not assuming every bride has a groom or that every groom has a bride. Try using a more inclusive word like “partner” or “fiance”. Do this at least until you know the gender identity of their partner.  If your showing a venue and notice they have rooms labeled “bridal suite” “grooms suite”, you can easily reword those rooms to “fiance suites”.


A simple way to show inclusivity is to include your own personal pronouns within your email signature. You can see an example at the end of this blog for reference.  Your intake forms could also include a line asking which pronoun they prefer to go by which helps you get that out of the way early on.


LGBTQ couples pick up on inclusivity. They are looking to see same sex couples on your website and on your social media platforms. Putting something as simple as a rainbow heart on your page can mean the difference between a scroll past your page or a possible booking. If you don’t happen to have any same sex photos, look into purchasing stock photos and showcase them front and center. LGBTQ people make up a huge chunk of the millennial market and so do their supporters, so speak directly to them.

Same Sex = Same Treatment

Make sure you are treating your LBGTQ clients just as you would treat any other client. This means you still ask for both of their visions for their wedding day and you engage per usual. People can  feel when someone is uncomfortable about their sexuality. If this happens to be the case, maybe you can pass this client along to someone who would better serve them. They still deserve the best possible experience even, if you don’t happen to be the one to give it to them.



LaTasha Fisher


Facility Coordinator


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