How to Incorporate More Color Into Your Wedding Day

Weddings are always a wonderful and colorful celebration. Whether your wedding is planned for the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, having a designated color theme is ideal for your wedding. We typically expect to see these colors throughout the flowers and wedding party attire, but what if there were ways to make your wedding an even more colorful affair? Keep reading on to find four ways you can make your wedding extra colorful!

Wedding Invitations: Sending out colorful, bright wedding invitations to your guests will show them right away that they’re in for a colorful affair. As you can customize your wedding invitations to make them as colorful as you’d like them to be, use the opportunity to add in a bright font or a vivid design. Doing so will make your wedding invitation stand out from all the other ones magnetized on your guest’s refrigerator.

Hair Accessories: Depending if you’re planning on rocking a veil, tiara, fedora or nothing at all, your hair accessories will differ. You can use your hair as a way to add some fun color into your wedding day look that will leave your fiance and wedding guests stunned. This can be with a colorful flower crown that will give off a nice boho vibe, pulling a Carrie Bradshaw and adding a bright flower into your hair or a top hat complimenting the attire. If you want to make an extra statement, consider dying your hair a unique color like purple or green. However you choose to add color into your wedding day look will ensure it’s a memorable twist for everyone involved.

Wedding Party: Your wedding party will often wear a fair amount of color on your wedding day. With their colorful dresses, bright bouquets or boutineers, your wedding party are sometimes the most colorful of all. But if you’re planning on putting your wedding party in a more neutral colored outfits, there are ways to add color and continue to make them stand out. One fun way is through manicures. Each person in your party can sport a different brightly colored nail polish and/or a different colored bouquet/boutonniere if you’re looking to add that extra pizzazz to the day.

Decor: Decor is always a chance to include some color into your wedding day. Depending on your wedding venue, your use of colorful decor will be varying. Apart from the color of the linens and your set flowers, you can create a colorful DIY backdrop for guests to take photos at, add colorful garnishes to your signature drinks, or make rainbow infused wedding favors. The options really are endless as to how colorful you want your decorations to be.

Adding color through your wedding invitations, hair accessories, your wedding party and decor are only some of the ways that you can really make your wedding pop. What are some of your favorite ways that you added color into your wedding?

-Content provided by Tara L.

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