Planning Your Wedding

12 MONTHS OR EARLIER (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Decide on a date (choose a second or third date as backup).

□ Create a wedding and engagement budget.

□ Organize your engagement party.

□ Make an appointment with clergyman/officiant;

□ Compose an initial guest list.

□ Set time, location of ceremony, rehearsal & reception venue.

□ Shop for wedding gown: several sittings will be required.

□ Determine your color scheme.

□ Obtain floral & music estimates; book services if possible.

□ Register with gift registry.

□ Select bridesmaids/groomsmen and confirm their participation.

□ Pick a honeymoon destination (renew passports & inoculations).

□ Begin selection of a caterer.

□ Set a date to order dresses for bridesmaids.

□ Order your passport, birth certificate, or marriage license.


9 – 12 MONTHS BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Finalize guest lists.

□ Order invitations & announcements.

□ Book professional photographer/videographer.

□ Book live entertainment and /or DJ.

□ Book florist.

□ Men choose attire.

□ Make honeymoon reservations.

□ Book caterer.

□ Make appointment for bridal or engagement portrait.

□ Order wedding cake.

□ Arrange transportation for all members of wedding party to & from

ceremony & reception locations.

□ Find accommodations for out-of-town guests.


6 -9 MONTHS BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Order personal stationary and thank you notes.

□ Go over details of reception and menu with caterer/venue manager.

□ Reserve the musicians/soloist for your ceremony.

□ Make arrangements for limousine service.

□ Assist in choosing your parents’ outfits.

□ Review marriage license requirements.


3 -6 MONTHS BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Finalize the guest list.

□ Confirm order with the florist.

□ Reserve men’s wedding attire.

□ Choose your readers for the ceremony.

□ Make appointments with the hairdresser and beauty experts.


2 MONTHS BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Mail out invitations.

□ Finalize the reception menus.

□ Inform clergyman/ officiant of all the details of your ceremony.

□ Keep a gift diary; send thank you notes as gifts arrive.

□ Fine tune guest list, if needed.

□ Plan rehearsal dinner.

□ Select attendants’ gifts, groomsmen’s’ gifts.

□ Check all services.

□ Make moving arrangements.

□ Final gown or tuxedo fitting. Wedding portrait sitting.


1 MONTH BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Choose wedding bands if you have not done so already.

□ Check wedding party apparel.

□ Arrange final fitting of bridesmaids’ dresses.

□ Confirm music arrangements & check selections.

□ Make reservations for bridesmaids’ luncheon.

□ Discuss rehearsal dinner with hosts.

□ Apply for marriage license.

□ Meet with and finalize plans with photographer and videographer.


2 WEEKS BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Plan your wedding day hair style (bring headpiece and veil).

□ Final check on bridal party clothing.

□ Notify newspapers.

□ Arrange for name & address change.

□ Check with Caterer/Reception Venue with last minute changes.

□ Call any invited guests who have not responded.

□ Rehearse your wedding vows.

□ Find “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a shiny penny for your shoe” for good luck!


1 WEEK BEFORE (To be completed by ___/___/___)

□ Remind rehearsal dinner guests of time / location.

□ Confirm your honeymoon. Start honeymoon packing.

□ Exchange currency, if necessary.

□ Wrap groom’s & attendants’ gifts.

□ Pick up attire for the groom, ushers, bride and bridesmaids.

□ Finalize the seating plan.

□ Confirm final guest list with the venue and caterer.

□ Confirm accommodations at the hotel.

□ Confirm ceremony details.

□ Confirm florist order.

□ Confirm videographer.

□ Confirm photographer and confirm special photos you want taken.

□ Confirm all music for the reception – first dance.

□ Write place cards and draw a seating chart for the reception.

□ Write speeches.

□ Determine the order for the procession.

□ Arrange all final payments to your vendors.

□ Deliver your marriage license to the officiant.

□ Have someone hand out programs at the ceremony.

□ Arrange for someone to take your dress to the cleaner after the wedding.

□ Arrange to have someone return any rented items after wedding.



□ Bride-to-be: have manicure & pedicure done.

□ Attend wedding rehearsal & dinner.

□ Present your attendants and parents with their special gifts.

□ Give ushers the guest list.

□ Insure wedding dress/suits are pressed and ready.

□ Appoint family member to check ceremony & reception for items left behind.



□ Hair & make-up.

□ Check wedding dress. (pressing; steaming).

□ Change of clothes. (if leaving for honeymoon).

□ Give wedding rings to your best man.

□ Give the checks to the best man that need to be given out that day.

□ Breathe! Relax! Enjoy your wedding day!