The day of your wedding, while exciting, can also be riddled with stress. From putting the decorations in place to pinning on your groomsmen’s boutonnieres, there’s a lot to keep track of. As you celebrate your big day and prepare to walk down the aisle, consider these wedding day tips:


First and foremost, you should create a checklist for the day of and before your wedding. From the early stages of getting ready with hair and makeup to the actual wedding ceremony, it’s bound to be a long day. A clear list of tasks will help you to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

This wedding planning checklist is a great resource for every bride. It gives you items to check off month by month, as well as the day of. You can easily forget small items like the jewelry you want to wear, or even the photos you display as guests walk through. So, be sure to jot down everything you’ll need!


Even if you don’t think hydration is an issue, you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. Ask your wedding planner or the venue owner to have a few pitchers of water ready to go when you arrive. Be sure to also sip ample amounts of H2O as you get ready too!

While you should worry about yourself first and foremost, don’t forget about your wedding party either. Encourage the rest of your wedding party to drink enough water throughout the day. Summer weddings mean warm weather and lots of standing, which will be an issue if you aren’t properly hydrated.



You probably have your wedding dress or tux locked down for the big day, but packing other necessary items is a must. Have a clear idea of what you will wear under your wedding day outfit. This can make all the difference in your comfort level, and it will make packing easier. Brides should stick to light seamless underwear that won’t cause dress crease lines. Grooms should invest in new, soft undershirts to go under their suit.

You should also plan on packing a change of clothes or even some backup options. An extra pair of underwear or pantyhose can go a long way in case there’s an unfortunate accident. A pair of dancing shoes to change into after the ceremony will provide your feet some well-needed relief too. Necessities like undergarments, or even light jackets, are easily overlooked when packing, so don’t forget them!



Most brides and grooms get to the end of their wedding and realize they barely ate any food. If you’re prone to distraction on your big day, have a plan ahead of time to prioritize eating throughout the day.

The first step is to make sure you keep a few snacks on you. Next, have a plan of attack for the reception itself. You can alert the catering staff that you and your partner should be served first. Alternatively, set aside time during the reception to sit down and eat.


Lastly, when all else fails, rely on your bridal party. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks, ask for help, or vent to them when feeling stressed. This is your day, so everyone should be understanding if you need some extra support.

You chose your closest friends to stand beside you at your wedding. This means that they will be more than happy to help you cross off a few things on your checklist. Your bridal party’s job is to support you on this special day. Don’t shy away from requesting their assistance when needed.

If your wedding day is approaching in the coming weeks, or you’ve just started planning; congratulations! There is so much that goes into getting to that moment of saying “I Do.” We hope the tips above will help you on your journey down the aisle.

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