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All-Inclusive Meeting Space

After things get back to normal, you might look up from your workload and discover that your staff are all in need of an offsite meeting. You’ve most likely been cooped up in your home offices trying to keep all the balls in the air. Regardless of the reason, you may find that you just don’t have the energy to coordinate a meeting. Well there’s a simple solution, an All-Inclusive offsite meeting space!

Is this meeting space right for you?

Choosing the right meeting space can play a part in not only how attentive your staff stays, but the overall morale of the team. Most meeting spaces are a plain old room with 4 bland walls and uncomfortable chairs.  Why not choose a unique space like one of Maryland’s historic mansions. A Historic home affords you the luxury of a cozy meeting space  without the corporate feel.

Lunch anyone?

Everyone knows the best part of a meeting, besides the end…is lunch!! Don’t get stuck with sub par, hotel chain kitchen food. Private meeting spaces allow you to bring in the food of your choice and with the option of coordinating it for you! This includes your favorite restaurant, caterer or your support of a small local business. All options are available and customizable depending on your staff’s dietary needs.  Don’t wait, call now to see how a private meeting space just might be the breath of fresh air your company needs.


Lori T.

Facility Manager at Historic Oakland

Wedding Venue in Columbia, MD

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