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5 Cool Ways to Arrive at your Wedding Venue

If riding in a limo to and from your wedding reception seems uninspiring, there are several   more imaginative ways to make a grand entrance.    Here are some ways to arrive in style that really impress or say something about your relationship:

  1. Motorcycles

These are not for everyone, but if the couple likes to ride, what a fun way to flaunt it.  The wedding attire might need to be adjusted in preparation for riding a motorcycle and good weather would be a prerequisite.

  1. Bicycles

Also,  not  for everyone, but if the twosome likes to bike, what an amusing way to get there.   If you want to make it more romantic, pedal up on a Bicycle built for two.  Checking the weather forecast would be well advised for this option also.

  1. Horses

This would be a good option for a western-themed wedding or just for a couple who loves horses or horseback riding.  Horses don’t require perfect weather, but the newly married pair may need to change or protect their clothing when riding.

  1. Fire Engine

This method is mostly chosen by professional fire fighters, unless there’s another reason related to the newlyweds’ history to pick this kind of ride.  Other professional vehicles could also be chosen, but fire engines are quite exciting.

  1. Sports Car

Who doesn’t   seem more intriguing when stepping in or out of a Jaguar, Corvette or Porsche?

Even if the sports car had to be the something “borrowed,” (Something old, something new, something borrowed, etc.)  it would still make a huge impact.

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Written by: Wendy Trilling,
Guest Relations, Historic Oakland Manor

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